Firm Overview

The Van Dyck Law Firm, PLLC, was established in 2007 by Sharon Van Dyck in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We have more than two decades of experience in appellate law, personal injury and wrongful death suits. We also have more than a decade of experience in federal preemption and railroad accident lawsuits. We are not a large, impersonal, law firm. You will not be shuffled between lawyers, paralegals and secretaries.


At the Van Dyck Law Firm, you will work with the same lawyer from beginning to end. When additional experts are brought on to assist with a case, they become part of the team working toward the best possible resolution. Our firm will remain your primary point of contact. We are devoted to maintaining quality communication with all of our clients.

Our practice focuses on particularly complicated personal injury and wrongful death cases, particularly those involving railroad accidents. Because of the nature of these cases, we frequently find that developing a team of lawyers, experts and investigators positively benefits the outcome.

With more than a decade of experience in railroad accidents, we have developed relationships with respected professionals whose expertise can prove to be invaluable in securing the necessary evidence and building a solid case. When necessary, we will draw on our network and collaborate with individuals whose knowledge, skills and experience are best suited to the needs of your lawsuit.


We excel at collaborating with fellow attorneys and other professionals on particularly complicated and detailed legal issues. Not only do we enjoy researching federal regulations and writing effective legal memoranda, we are also skilled at defending our work in a court of law. The Van Dyck Law Firm has a solid reputation for quality and effective work in appellate law, including the following areas:

  • Complex motions  We have a proven record of success in defeating dispositive motions.
  • Civil appeals  Our practice is widely recognized for our success in civil appeals.
  • Federal preemption We have more than a decade of experience in successfully researching the aspects of federal transportation law necessary to present a solid argument to defeat federal preemption in a court of law.


From our offices in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the Van Dyck Law Firm, PLLC, represents clients throughout the Midwest. Contact us toll free at (952) 746-1095 to arrange a free initial consultation with an experienced Minnesota train accident lawyer.