Railroad Accident Litigation

Because federal regulations tend to be both complex and extensive, it can be difficult to locate and research the specific items necessary to successfully present a solid argument in a court of law. Contact the Van Dyck Law Firm to take advantage of more than a decade of experience in federal preemption and more than two decades of experience in civil appeals.


Federal preemption occurs when federal regulations, standards and laws take precedence over state laws. Federal preemption appears in many cases involving transportation, including railroad accidents, commercial trucking accidents and manufacturing defects in automobiles. Therefore, arguing these cases in court requires an in-depth knowledge of federal regulations.

We have an excellent reputation for our knowledge and skill in briefing and prevailing on the federal preemption issue. We also have more than 10 years of experience representing the interests of railroad accident victims, which provides us with firsthand experience in the unique challenges presented by court cases directly affected by federal regulations.


The Van Dyck Law Firm excels at working with other lawyers and their clients in complex motion practice. We truly enjoy the challenge presented by in-depth research into the federal regulations related to both transportation and commercial preemption. We will assist in the preemption aspects of any railroad case, including those involving the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA).


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