Appellate Practice

An appellate practice requires different skills and strategic considerations than trial practice. On appeal, the focus shifts away from developing and proving facts, to the legal issues that control the resolution of the case. The facts are already established. The legal issues, using those facts, control. Effective appellate advocacy demands a formulation of the issues that is focused on what is important to the panel of judges deciding the case. As one appellate court justice has said, Appellate work is most assuredly not the recycling of trial level work. Different skills are needed on appeal than at trial.

Sharon Van Dyck has those skills. With over 100 appellate briefs and oral arguments under her belt, more than half of them resulting in rulings in favor of her clients, Sharon is an asset to any trial attorney, whether the case was won or lost at trial.


The Van Dyck Law Firm excels at working with other lawyers and their clients on civil appeals. We truly enjoy handling in-depth research, identifying the important patterns in highly complex and voluminous data, and participating in the courtroom. We have developed a solid reputation for providing quality detail-oriented work and have successfully achieved reversals on appeal in numerous cases.